The Objective Self - Bachelor's Thesis

How can we create a platform that allows the user new insight into themselves and their emotional history?

Outcome Classification: 
Augmented Reality Platform

Research | Platform Development | Augmented Reality Modeling

Full report found at the end of project summary.


The intention of this project was the development of a platform through which users can explore their emotional history, gaining new perspective on themselves, their habits, and their interaction with their environment.

The summative of my bachelor's design thesis, the platform was developed on a strong basis of in depth research and user exploration. Through the identification of growing cultural shifts and technological trends, it became evident that mass biometric data is a cultural horizon. In the act of returning this data - and its derived emotional value - back to the individual originator, one can gain deeper self knowledge and a new understanding of identity.


1. Introduction - project motivation, abstract

2. Exploration - case studies, derived themes, insights

3. Discovery - cultural shifts & signals, trends

4. Definition - project objectives and outcome proposition, user identification, technological evaluation, user mapping

5. System - platform description, branding, application breakdown, 3D modelling


With the conclusion of the project, my thesis outcome took form in 3 main parts. 

The first, and largest, was the research book containing the complete documentation of the research process, platform development, and app description.

Second, a completely clickable, flat wireframe version of the app, containing screen animations and transitions.

Finally, the creation of all data visualization's 3D models, individually sculpted and painted through Cinema4D, and then hosted in Snapchat's AR Platform for further fidelity and user play.


  • Memory is a game of loss and alteration. What characterize the user's emotional memory of an experience is the beginning and end. The first moments of their onboarding and the moments when they leave define their emotional connection.
  • Design starts with emotions and stories. To be able to create impacting and powerful designs, the emotional story you tell the user must be kept at the core of the work. 
  • The greatest value can be found in ambiguity. To accept ambiguity is to give yourself permission to explore deeply and broadly.
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